The 23rd Symposium of the International Regulatory Peptide Society will be organized in Japan, by Hitoshi Hashimoto and his colleagues in spring 2021. It will be a joint meeting with the biennial VIP/PACAP meeting.

More information to come!

Galveston in 1974


A symposium on Gastrointestinal Hormones was held at the University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas, on 9-12 October 1974. 41 scientists from 10 countries presented papers.

Front row: Makhlouf, Tract, Larsson, Grossman, Gregory, Thompson, Bodansvky, Chey, McGuigan, Cohen, Andersson.

Second row: Gardner, Solcia, Rayford, Adelson, Kelly, Lambert, Johnson, Go, Hansky, Erspamer, Boden.

Third row: Said, Debas, Unger, Creutzfeldt, Konturek, Barrowman, Jacobson, Becker, Schofield, Dockray, Straus, Meyer, Galardy, Brown, Olbe, Bloom, Rehfeld. Not present: Yalow.